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I don't usually go crazy on articles, but this one really got me amazed. Jeff bascialy shares his point of view on the situation of our design industry and what are the differences from begin a professional and a hacker. He makes his points well enough and persuading. This article is simply incredible and so true that every web designer should read. Additionaly, I contacted Jeff in order to give me the permission to translate his article into hebrew, so the Israeli web society would also be enjoying a good read ;)

What does it mean to be a "professional" web designer? By Jeff Croft

Some highlights
...There is a serious problem in our industry that I believe we professionals need to address. The problem is is simply that many people never made that leap from hobbyist to professional. And yet, these people are working in our industry. They're taking our jobs out from under us, and making money doing it...
...And yet they succeed. They continue to get jobs and they continue to roll out tag soup, tabled-based layouts with amateurish graphics full of Photoshop filters and all-Flash sites full of unnecessary and cheesy animation. They rip off well-made sites, stealing graphics and layouts and pawning them off as their own work to unsuspecting clients...
...To be clear: I still think the low barrier of entry to self-publishing on the web is one of its killer features. I wouldn't want it any other way. I think it?s absolutely awesome that my 11-year old daughter could make a personal website if she wants to. Where I have a problem is when these people start to sell their services or get senior-level jobs in the industry. Whereas most of us go from amateur to professional, they go from hobbyist to hack...
...I also believe most clients don't know what they?re paying us for. Most people think web design is a technical field. And, of course, it is  to some degree. But it's also a creative field, and I don't think most people understand this...
...They don't seem to understand that a huge portion of what we do is design ? layout, typography, color, communication, problem solving ? these are the areas where we really earn our stripes. But clients hire us in much the same way as they hire a moving company. They say, ?Put this over here, and that over there. Make this bigger. Now change this color? They don't realize these are the decisions that they're paying us to make...


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