Sleeping for creativity.

It's almost 3 AM in the morning, and you are not tired. But what really is "tired"? Do you think being "tired" is just physically speaking? Do you think when you go to sleep you're doing your body a "favor"? Did you know that during the night, the human brain is very active and tends to think much more than during the day?

How many times have you being trying to find a solution for a problem during late nights, when doing the same in the morning after a good night sleep took you just 3 minutes to solve, uh? I am sure it happened to most of us, computer gurus, out there. Long time ago, when I used to stay up late until 3 in the morning on the computer (addicted to Internet), I remember this situation happening all over again. Before going to sleep, no matter how hard I was thinking and focusing on my problem, I just wasn"t able to solve it. However, after a good night sleep, I literally woke up with the solution to the problem, it kept amazing me all over again!

This situation occurs because when we struggle with our problems before the sleep, out brain keeps processing them while we"re sleeping, resulting in high chances for the answer to pop up in the morning. Therefore, the better and more restful sleep that we get, the more time there is for our "asleep brain" to process the problem the "awake brain" has been struggling with before.

I personally struggle to actually falling a sleep since I tend to think too much. I think about recent events or events that are soon to happen, about the latest website design I have been working on lately, or even what I'll do the day after. At the period between "leaving to bed" to actually falling asleep, is the time where most of my ideas appear. When a good idea pops up my head, I usually grab my cell phone and write a fast memo or SMS and save it so I won't forget. The next morning or the next time I work on a specific project, I go for my cell phone that contains the ideas I've written the night before or couple of days ago and bring them alive.

Sleeping affects the brain, which affects the memory, the thinking, the speech and the concentration. If we don't get a fine sleep, constantly, those significant brain functions will basically fade away. It"s enough for one night with little or without sleep at all for your brain to significantly influence you brains activity and cause it to drop a level. Experts state that one of the most common causes for lack of sleep is the 24-hour accessibility to the Internet, that's why we have to take care of our brains and limit our times on the computer.

If you still can't limit your time, then time you limits. Do yourself a favor and don't sleep just because your body is exhausted, but do it for the creativeness of your brain. Sleep plays a significant role in the brain's development and is a great way to avoid a designer's block, believe me!

I hope this article helped you understand the whole "brain for creativity" issue and that you follow what is best for you. The Internet is full of tips and resources for how to be getting a good sleep and why it"s important. Try to follow them sometimes and notice your life advancing ;)


I wonder if this might be a thing with some people, or whether it's just 'that time of night', when we start to think and go over the past events of that day, what we can do to change them or what we could've done, or even how 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything;
Could it be 'late nights', but could it be that these later nights start to make us more creative, because of a slight craving for sleep and the rest triggers our imagination, this meaning that well have to write down ideas late at night, or when we wake up we'll have the answer to life's great question that had been puzzling you all day.

November 23, 2007

This week I never went to bed before 4:30 am (waking up 4 hours later)... Maybe I need to put an end to such manner...
Thanks for the article.

November 23, 2007

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