Say hello to a whole new Thuiven!

Like most other passionate web designers, it's hard for me to be a 100% satisfied with my works. I always feel I need to change some pixels to ensure the site carries the new web design trends. Unfortunately, changing and redesigning isn't something done on a day time while also taking on client works. I believe that's the reason why Thuiven's redesign took so long. But that's not the point right now. So...

A condition for the site's redesign was that I will no longer design dark! We needed a design that content will no longer be color: #ffffff;. I tried different layouts and mockups. We even got to code a whole different design, front-end and back-end! However, we weren't satisfied with it, so yes... we redesigned the redesigned design :) . Regarding the whole "dark-no-more" issue, I wanted to bring a warm feeling into the site which is a kind of website I always wanted to have, so I hope the design accomplishes that.

We wanted simple, something simpler than before. Not that it's on top of simplicity now, but still, lots of useless junk was totally removed in order for it to be focusing on what the site is all about, a portfolio. Oh, and speaking of useless stuff, now it has no pointless work case studies.

The notebook is much user-friendly since the posts are organized by categories (which we are planning to write about). The comments are now bolder, which will hopefully help grow more traffic into the site. Now that a lot of pressure was removed from my life (yes... school), I'll now be more into the notebook and will hopefully write more often about web related stuff, so be ready.

Something I always wanted to add were the social web contents that I recently got quite involved in. For now I added just my Twitter and Flickr feeds and hopefully will add others later. We also added the all-famous Gravatar into our notebook comments just for the heck of it.

In the last version we felt that the logo didn't take a big part of the design so we decided so give it a little space of its own. The logo went though a little cleaning touch:

The new design is still going under rough times (such as updating content and taking photos), so be patient if a link doesn't take you to where its supposed to. That's it so far I guess. Hopefully the new face will become a new source of inspiration for the web design community. Don't hesitate to leave us some feedbacks and make sure to check back soon!


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Site looks beautiful! Especially love the custom twitter feed script!

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October 09, 2008

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