Hello World!

After lots of decisions and work, we finally decided to release the brand new Thuiven site to the net! Yes, yes, we know, we still have some more stuff here and there to get done, but hey, we are working on it, believe us. Let's just say it's Version one so far, so we still need to get to version 10, so just imagine how it will look then! (I was just kidding on this one)

Let's first start with this; our notebook is not a blog! We are not going to keep updating the notebook each two days so you explore our life, that's not our aim, and that's not we are going to accomplish at all. The notebook is going to be a place to share our opinions, passion and ideas relating web design and development. We are planning to post articles we think are interesting and helpful; sites that in our opinion are inspirational and attractive to look at; write and explain about & how we work; tutorials, or even updates relating to our portfolio; all this to make you come back. As well, we decided to open up a notebook so it will keep us awake of the site, and show the world that we are not asleep. You are welcome to subscribe to our RSS feeds anytime!

Why we chose that kind of design? Well, since we are two, we decided to make a two column layout so it will relate to us on one way or another. We also felt that's a unique and creative style of building the site, and at the same time it is simple and easy to use. We went on the dark style because that's simply a beautiful and a smooth style. Anyways, that's about it so far.

Well, now, after the site is up and running, we are planing in translating the site into Hebrew so also non-English speakers will be able to enjoy the site ;) After all, we are offering most of our services in Israeli areas, and we want to make sure they can also find an Hebrew version. As for our English, we are no-native English speakers, therefore we're sorry if we make mistakes here and there, hope you understand.

Make sure you explore our site from the ground up, and wait for news and updates, or even comment on this first post! We are sorry for the boring beginning, but we will make sure you will come back!


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The entry "Hello World!" was posted on September 27, 2007 at 00:00 by Dor Dan.

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