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Linga-Sharira January, 2009

Website, representing a new perfume in Israel.

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GreenVille December, 2008

Greenville is a nice place, out a city, with nice summer houses and very nice nature. Websites presents a project info (prices, materials, geo-info).

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Web Design.
Today is a must for every business to have a well designed online home. We ensure that it comes out stylish, accessable, user-friendly and simple.

Web Development.
Most of the time, just design isn't enough. Therefore we make website come to life using online applications, newsletters, registrations, galleries, content managment systems (CMS), search engine optimizations (SEO) and much more . We do that.

Print/Graphic Design.
Thuiven also offers graphic design including brochures, business cards, invitations, flyers, etc.

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Web Design: Self-Taught or Formally Educated? 16.03.2009

When it comes to web design, being self-taught is probably the right choice. On the other hand, learning solo can be tough and despairing. While I don't consider myself as professional in the subject, I'm interested in sharing a thought I recently had about being self-taught versus formally educated in web design.

I've been in both kinds of situations, studying web design by myself at home and at school. I was a beginner back in 2006 and we had to rebuild a website that was presented to us as an image in order to avoid cheating. So sure, I rebuilt it - but by using tables and old markup! Another time, we used Dreamweaver for the smart WYSISWYG (which didn't really teach us anything) and I remember asking my teacher what was the automated code between my tags, and she said not to pay attention to that. Later on I figured it was called CSS and that it is one of the most advanced technologies related to web design.

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